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Atlanta is Highly Dangerous for Pedestrians

The organization Smart Growth America released a┬áreport entitled Dangerous by Design 2014, part of which addresses the preventable dangers to pedestrians in cities across the United States. The report┬áranked Georgia as the fifth most dangerous state for pedestrians out of … Continue reading

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Auto Accidents involving Young Drivers

Young drivers have a higher risk of being involved in serious auto accidents in Georgia for several reasons. First, they have significantly less experience behind the wheel than an older, seasoned driver, so young drivers do not always know how … Continue reading

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What Types of Damages are Available in a Georgia Motorcycle Accident Case?

Data generated by the United States government indicates that over 80,000 people were injured in nonfatal motorcycle accidents in 2011. Motorcycle riders are at a particularly high risk of sustaining serious injury in the event of an accident, in large … Continue reading

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