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5 Regulations Pool Owners Should Know

Pools can be fun for a family or the entire community. However, whether you own a private or public pool, there are numerous regulations with which you must comply. Pool safety regulations are enacted and enforced by both federal government … Continue reading

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Protect your Children: Safe Practices for the Road

Motor vehicle collisions have the potential to cause serious injury to passengers of all ages. However, children are among the most vulnerable to injury in traffic-related accidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that auto accidents are … Continue reading

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Tips for Drivers and Bicyclists to “Share the Road”

Riding a bicycle to school, work, or other engagements is a great alternative to driving a car or other type of motor vehicle. Bicycling is dramatically cheaper, better for the environment, and nearly eliminates parking concerns. Unfortunately, Atlanta roads can … Continue reading

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